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...is an interactive workshop designed for students in Grades 3-12.

O Wonderful, Wonderful...
Teacher Testimonials:

"without a doubt, the single most effective educational approach to Shakespeare that I have ever encountered" -

"My students...hung on every word."
West Humber Collegiate

And Most Wonderful...
Professional Praise:

"...just what our schools need "Richard Ouzounian -
The Toronto Star

Carol Kramer, Rutgers University

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...is a popular summer program that has been in operation since 2005, working out of some of the Toronto District School Board's highest priority neighbourhoods.

And Yet Again Wonderful...
Student Salutations:

"I understood ... more about Shakespeare's language than I have in the last three years."
Reva Sevensai - Woburn CI

"I felt like going home and reading a Shakespearitan play..."
Andrea Zorzi - St Basil The Great

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...launched as a pilot program in the fall of 2006 thanks to a generous grant from the Trillium Foundation. Modeled on the Summer program it is a twice weekly rehearsal process that runs through the fall.

Out of all Whooping...
Actors' Accolades:

"You have a terrific thing going with this program. There is simply not a moment wasted. It was a privilege to be part of it."
Colm Feore

"You've given them a gift they can use to change their lives."
Robert Clinton

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The Shakespearience Experience


Wherefore Shakespearience


O Wonder


Marvin Karon
Executive Director

Shakespearience Performing Arts
10 Muirhead Road, #1410
Toronto, Ontario
M2J 4P9

Phone: 416-845-1407
Fax: 416-502-9970

Email: mkaron@shakespearience.ca

Shakespearience Performing Arts

Yes, I want to make a difference and help Shakespearience continue its work of empowering young people with the possibilities of the English Language!

• $2,500+Ministering Angel
• $1,000-$2,499Bardophiles
• $250-$999Nobles
• $100-$249Courtiers
• $25-$99Attendants

You are welcome to let us know if you would like your donation to support the Shakespearience:

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You are welcome to let us know if you would like your donation to support the Shakespearience:

Shakespearience Performing Arts 10 Muirhead Avenue, Suite 1410 Toronto, ON M2J 4P9

BN 86772 9105 RR0001

Thank you for your support!

I would like my donation to go to

I am delighted to lend my support to SHAKEPEARIENCE which has a growing track record of making the language of the Bard's plays accessible to young people.

A number of educators and artists persist in believing that Shakespeare has a vital role to play in the classroom and in the emotional and intellectual development of our young.

We understand the world through the words we use about it. Shakespeare provides everyone who comes into contact with his writing with the detail necessary to enhance our understanding of the human condition. A Shakespearean text has the potential to excite, provoke and stimulate minds, be they young or old.

SHAKEPEARIENCE has had considerable success in making the language, characters and themes of Shakespeare's plays understandable by approaching them from an actor's point of view. This critically acclaimed literacy program has succeeded in demystifying the plays of William Shakespeare by appreciating a fundamental truth: that Shakespeare's writing must be approached in a totally different way from the way novels and short stories are read.

I am pleased to be associated with an educational initiative that demonstrates to young people, in a bold, creative, compelling way, why the plays of William Shakespeare have continued to resonate almost four hundred years after his death. I look forward to the company's growth and its continued success and am pleased to be included on its roster.


Kenneth Branagh